Don’t be camera shy; Get it a commercial video and Evolve your business with the most coveted trend of the town

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Your brand is what other people say about. Today, video plays a crucial role in the success of your business. Commercial videosTraining videosProduct launch videos and others are making a good visual capture content across industries. As much as 85 percent of businesses regard video as an important part of their marketing strategy (up from 82 percent in 2017).

This implies a business needs a professional corporate video production company to make videos that capture attention, engage the lead and transform it into the core business.

Let’s find out here, in what different ways a video could prove itself a beneficial tool for any business enhancement:

Video Production Services

For Customer/Client Testimonials – A testimonial video is a way to let your customers do the talking about your brand. The video entices your audiences, offers a real person to connect through voice, body language, emotion, and empathy, so their potential customers can hear from people just like them. They learn why they should buy a product and how it could be beneficial to solving their problems.

Client testimonials

For new Product & Service Launch – A product launch video is one that explains product’s factual benefits. A lot of product videos tend to assert a product’s unique features, but a prime concern that truly differentiates a good product video is its ability to exhibit the importance of the product that how much it is helpful for the audience.

Product launch

For company promo videos, telling the history of the business – A promotional video that tells all about the business itself is often the first investment a company makes in media production. It can give orientation to potential employees as part of a recruitment video, or form an introductory step in a product demonstration video. A well-executed company profile video is a versatile corporate tool.

Promo videos

New office/Company launch video – Launch videos are used as information and multimedia tools in the launch events of new company openings and marketing related functions. A launch video can far more comfortably introduce a brand, service or product without the need for long, drawn-out speeches. Details such as technical specifications can be displayed easily in various ways and can be repeated at regular intervals. The atmosphere can be shared effectively through carefully selecting the right graphics, music and pace of the launch video.

Company launch

The commercial videos are meant to tell everything about your business: what sort of customers you aim to attract, how that customer thinks, how your products can be differentiated in the market, and what message you really want to send through your corporate video.

Asking a lot of good questions and building up a clear picture of what your business wants to achieve through the video is foundational. A good studio is bound to take your brand higher through astounding videos it will create.

STUDIO 52 is the most famous, trustworthy and experienced Video production company in Dubai, UAE; and having catered to over 2000 clients region-wide and industry-wide, it’s up-breasted with the upcoming trends and requirements of the industry.


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