Why Hire a Video Production Company for your Corporate Video


Corporate Videos is perhaps leading the trend today to ramp up every marketing strategy. Be it a small scale or a large scale business, commercial video production is being induced every now and then. It is just another way to tell a compelling story about your brand!

Having said that, let’s throw some light on how a creative corporate video can amplify your business marketing strategy:

  • Video Marketing is Fun marketing: To begin with, corporate videos are a fun way to visually showcase your business. Video needs not always concentrate just on sales or hype, in fact, it works well when focused more on product uses and recent industry trends. A satisfaction of belief to have similar values among the people, who run your company, is all that one would like to see.
  • Search Engines Loves Videos: If your video strategy is documented well with all the descriptions and tags, and the précised information for online surfers, you are sure to hit the web. A small video cornering a niche on YouTube can even boost up your ranking. Transcriptions are again a fine way to increase search engine ranking.
  • Creative and consumer-friendly: A creative video can bring life into your product giving an opportunity for call-to-action. Since 60% of the viewers online prefer watching a video than reading the content, a creative corporate video can thus help exhibit your product into a brand.
  • Videos can be a social media gig: It’s like free marketing: sharing your corporate videos on social media sites and letting the customers do the marketing by speaking about your product.

Well, you are convinced of the benefits of a corporate video and have created one. Videos are going to be the game-changing tactic to obtain the attention of your consumers. But what strategies would you require to make it successful? Let’s discuss a few:

  • Let the video speak to your potential customers- not you: A video thus talk about your business; however, a marketing effort will be successful if you talk less about you and concentrate more on consumers and their needs.
  • Include live streaming to your offerings: There has been a rapid demand for professionally made live streaming content online. If you are able to pull off a high-quality live stream production, it will definitely set you apart from the competition.
  • Decide on the relevant video topics and type of videos to be created: outline the related topics depending upon the functions of the business the video will be created on. For e.g. if a video is created for a B2B software company, the video needs to break down to describe and talk about every function such as product, sales, HR, internal communications etc.

With all the benefits and strategies in hand, do you think business video production is as easy as just pressing the record? It requires mapping out the right idea, getting the right equipment and people and hundred more steps. This is where a corporate video company comes into the picture!

http://studio52.tv/ is one of the renowned UAE corporate video production company serving for decades. Our team of experienced technicians will assist your complete video production process from deciding when to use the video, through producing it, distributing it and of course measuring the results.


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