Construction industry is reaching for the sky with Drone Time-lapse Videos, are you ready to adept?


If you are working in the construction industry, you might be familiar with timelapse photography and how it can facilitate documentation, monitoring and marketing of your construction project. If you want to learn about the role of timelapse in construction industry, you can refer our blog post which shows how to Track the Construction Progress with Timelapse Videos..?

However today we want to talk about an altogether game-changing photography technique in the timelapse domain. It’s called drone timelapse; also known as dronelapse, aerialapse, flying timelapse or hyperlapse.

So what is Drone Timelapse?


Drone timelapse or dronelapse is fundamentally a timelapse video shot through a drone – an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). It differs from traditional timelapse video in that camera being airborne it presents visual footage from unimaginable perspectives by scaling extreme heights and depths. Another advantage is that rather than showing an event from a fixed point of view it captures series of images representing time lapsing in motion, which is known in the industry lingo as hyperlapse.

Now that we know what drone time lapse is, let’s talk about its benefits.

Capturing footage from unimaginable heights & depths:

Drones present a remarkable scope of capturing footage from various perspectives and angles which could be very unsafe and costly if done manually by installing cameras. Suppose you want to document construction work at the 60th storey of a skyscraper, or want to show view from the balcony at such height, or want to capture underside view of a bridge built over a river, for such footages drone construction time lapse cameras is highly appropriate, quick and safe option.


  • Hovering over location without budging :

In any photography, holding camera still is the prerequisite to capturing a stunning image. This is easily achievable in traditional timelapse photography as cameras are mounted in a fixed spot. But in aerial photography if the drone is unsteady, it will ruin the picture quality. However with evolution in drones and camera stabilization technology, it is possible to hover a drone over any location without budging here and there.

  • Motion Timelapse :

Motion timelapse, popularly known as hyperlapse, is the greatest availability of using a drone for timelapse photography. Use of a drone facilitates changing position of the camera at desired shot intervals. Drones can be programmed to drift over a location at very slow speeds, so that more than a few shots can be captured from the same spot, which ultimately helps in making the timelapse movie of a project more dramatic and cinematic.

  • Construction site survey :

Generally cameras are installed at the project site once the actual construction work begins whereas drone Cameras can be brought into the picture even in the pre-construction stage for surveying land area. Whether it’s a project of building a skyscraper or bridge, canal or dam, drone construction cameras are helpful in mapping the topography of any terrain with precise accuracy.


Final Words,

In the coming times drones are certain to become a popular media for construction timelapse photography. However, at present there are very few companies that can provide services for professional drone timelapse photography; Studio 52 Timelapse Division in Dubai is one of them. If you want to make your project presentation standout from the clutter, we can help you make a stunning timelapse movie with the help of drones. If you’re interested in incorporating time-lapse for your business , feel free to get in touch  to see how we can help. To get in touch with us, you can call us on +971-4-454-1054 or visit our website at!

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